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I need a custom order what should I do?

We love custom orders & wholesale orders. If you do not see the right product or combination of products, please call us directly to order now at 416-346-2645.

How do I use those blue kitchen chamois on my windows?

I use a method taught to me by professional window cleaners. Instead of using a store bought window cleaner, I use an old spray bottle. I put in 1/2 a Tsp of dishwashing soap and fill the bottle with water. I fold the blue kitchen chamois in several layers, so it's the size of my palm, spray the cleaning fluid on the window and chamois and wipe from top to bottom as though I were using a squeegie. Works great.

May I ask you a dumb question?
My one cloth ended up in the dryer. Does this mean now it is ruined?

There are no dumb questions. Yours is actually a very good question. I get it all the time at shows. Frequent use of the dryer with our chamois and microfibre cloths is not recommended. However, we all have our moments of distraction when doing laundry and are not always aware of everything we throw in the dryer. I've done this with expensive linen shirts, as well as both our microfibre cloths and viscose chamois. What I have learned is that the occasional "mishaps" are not detrimental to the cloths. So, please, rest assured, you did no harm to your cloths by accidentally throwing one in the dryer. However, please refrain from doing this on a regular basis, in order to prolong the life of all our products.

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